Having trouble with your slippery floor when wet?
Your clients and employees are constantly complaining about the slippery floor when wet?
Have you already had accidents at work caused by slippery floor?

       Nesli2 might have the most efficient solution to your problems. Nesli2 has adopted the practices of western companies that have years of experience in transforming the slippery floor when wet into absolutely safe to walk on.
       Nesli2 cooperates with Western Europe manufacturers of anti-slip products that have been on the market for a long time and have a large number of satisfied customers all over the world.
       Anti-slip products used by Nesli2 increase both the static and dynamic coefficients of friction of the treated surface. Treatment using anti-slip products can be done on the hardest mineral surfaces such like ceramic tiles, quarry, terrazzo, concrete, marble, granite, etc. Enamel baths and shower trays can be successfully treated as well.
       The purpose of treating hard mineral surfaces with anti-slip products is to create micro-pores that will act as invisible suckers when the surface is wet. A very small amount of water is sufficient to feel the increased coefficient of friction.
       Surfaces treated by Nesli2 with anti-slip products are even safer to walk on when they are wet. Sounds contradictory but anti-slip phenomenon is based purely on the laws of physics.
       The most frequently asked question by potential clients is regarding the possible change of appearance of the surface treated with anti-slip products. The answer to this issue has two sides to it. Simple answer is that the appearance of the treated surface will not change. More complicated answer is that the appearance of course will change, however the change will be absolutely insignificant.  You will notice that the appearance of the surface has changed only if you purposely want to. Practically the only parameter of the appearance of the surface that is changed is the dispersion of the light. You will not notice any change in appearance when the entire area of the surface is treated by Nesli2 since your eyes will have nothing to compare. After all, it is client's decision to be made between the safety and the look of the surface.

99% of customers choose safety over appearance.

       If you have decided that your business needs Nesli2 services or you need more information on products and/or prices, just give us a call or write a message and we will make your slippery floor safe to walk on when wet!
       The procedure of treating the surface with anti-slip products is fast. Nesli2 will not stop your everyday business. One person from Nesli2 can perform treatment on 50-100 m² of surface in one hour. The procedure of treating the surface with anti-slip treatment is environmentally friendly. After the reaction period there are almost no active chemical agents left on the treated surface. To finish the job the treated area needs to be thoroughly washed with water and your floor is ready to walk on!
       Nesli2 uses slip-meter ASM 825 for reliable measurements of the achieved increase of the coefficient of friction on the treated surface.
Prices of Nesli2 services depend on the state, kind and size of the surface that has to be treated.


       Thorough and regular cleaning of surfaces treated by Nesli2 anti slip products is essential if the beneficial effect of the treatment is to be maintained at its optimum level of performance.

1.      Cleaning should be carried out with a good quality “Hard Surface” cleaning agent incorporating effective de-fatting agents, following which the soiled water should be completely rinsed away.

             Nesli2 will be pleased to supply “Safe Kleen” cleaning agent which has been specially developed for this purpose.

2.      Do not use wax based polishes on surfaces treated with Nesli2 anti slip treatment; such polishes will fill in the micro-pores that have been created and the effect of the treatment will be reduced or completely lost.

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